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MR Plywood | Edmonton Alberta | Reviuews

MR Plywood  | Edmonton Alberta

The above company is a supplier and installer of Luan flooring board in Canada in the Edmonton Alberta Metro Area.  They are located at the following

Benefits of Underlayment

Mr Plywood
6335 75 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 0T3

Product Review 

Baltic Birch Baltic birch plywood is high quality plywood that is known for having multiple plies that are free of voids and imperfections. Whereas Luan plywood is known for it's cost effectiveness, and it's use as a underlayment for different types of Flooring, such as Vinyl, Laminate and Tile Flooring. 

Vinyl Flooring:  A flooring material made up of a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers Pigments are added for color. Vinyl flooring is usually flexible; fine textured, and appears to be relatively non-porous

Company Review:
They Have been doing business for many years out of the same locations

Excellent Customer Service with a wide product variety 
Locally Owned and Operated 
Offering vinyl, hardwood, Carpeting and ceramics 

Additional Notes:
 Great Products, with a wide selection of materials 

Instructions for Applying Plywood to the Subfloor

  • Set the plywood to sit for several hours in the room in which will be installed
  • Make sure the subfloor is not wet and structuraly sound
  • Install with 1″ deck scews into sheet of plywood, smooth side facing upward
  • Make sure the underlayment sems are not aligned with the subfloor seams
  • Lay the following plywood sheet – start along the longest wall and leave 1/4″ expansion gaps in between sheets and between the sheets the walls
  • Secure the plywood sheet every 6″ – make sure to drive the deck screw heads bellow the surface of the plywood sheet
  • Cut the plywood shets as required to follow the surface of the floor
  • Apply floor patching over the screw heads and the plywood seams
  • After the patching compound has dried, sand the compound
  • Vaccum and wipe with a damp cloth all the resulting dust

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