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How To Intall Luan Plywood on Curved Surfaces: Video

How to Install Luan Plywood over Curved Surfaces.

Here is a how to video on using Luan Wood for household projects. Great how -to video, on laying down luan wood for your wall, siding and flooring projects.

Introduction to Luan Plywood:

Luan plywood is used as nderlayment in home flooring. Many Times it is used with vinyl flooring when this is going to be installed as the finished resilient flooring. Underlayment Sometimes called Subflooring is generally too rough to attach right to vinyl flooring. Because subfloor is rough, such as concrete or cement used when a house is built, this material would appear right through the vinyl flooring if it were to be attached directly to the subfloor. Luan Plywood thus provides a smooth surface for application before the Vinyl is intalled. 

1. Determine the size and area of the subflooring which will require cover. Divide this area by a square footage 32 which will help you to calculate the number of plywood luan sheets you will need. Allow time for the Luan to acclamate to the area in which it will be installed, this will prevent the luan wood for bubbling when it is attached to the subfloor.  

2. Clear the subfloor of debris or dirt. Then remove any screws and nails that have appeared above the subfloor. You can then proceed to fill any gaps with filler or a patching compound. 

3. Once complete, calcuate the amount of luan plywood which will be required and cut with saw, and ensure they are even with the walls. Fit the plywood (luan) to make sure that the calculations were correct. Lay the luan plywood perpendicular to the subflooring and leave a quarter inch gap between the cut edges and the walls. Leave 1/8 gapes between the sheets of luan and underlayment. 

4. You can use adhesive with 1/8 inch to cover the area for the piece of luan underlayment. Install the luan wood with staples to the subfloor and underlayment. Ensure that the staples are flush with the underlayment. Then clear any splintered wood that remains. Install any additional luan wood that remains. 

5. Fill any gaps in the luan wood underlayment with filler or thatching compound to create a smooth finish.

Using Luan Plywood as (Sub) Flooring

If you are looking at an inexpesive way to do flooring, you can use Luan Subflooring, as Finished Flooring. The trick here is to cut the plywood sheets into tiles, about 4x4. You can also do it in 2x2' or 2x4'. This way it doesn't look like you just cheapened out and painted the subfloor. Make sure to properly sketch the layout of the room you plan to floor so you can make the proper adjust with regards to full plywood sheets, and those that you will have to specialty cut to create a uniform look around the room.

Great Tips For Bending Plywood

You don't need to pad between the subloor and the plywood, although I wouldn't recommend against it. (An acoustical foam underlay will help reduce noise). Lay the plywood sheets on top of the foam padding underlayment. Use glue and then use screws at the corners, as you lay the plywood. You can also use glue alone with no screws, however that might result in some curling of the plywood flooring, and of course you don't want that.

For the screws, you can spend a little bit of money, and get something different. You can use flat face screws, with 2 dimples. They are called tamper resistant screws, to be honest, I don't think the wood species matters. Once you have finished installing and screwing the plywood in, using wood putty or filler to fill the holes ad the sand it smooth.

Using plywood (luan/birch) as a top flooring is a unique and cost effective method for home improvement. Of course the cost cannot be beat, and you can throw down a mat or carpeting in high traffic areas, for example outside the kitchen or hallways.

Things to Remember when it comes to Plywood Flooring

There isn't going to be an isle in the home hardware or improvement store dedicated to Plywood Flooring, so you may have to think out of the box.

Materials to Use for Your Plywood (Luan/Birch) Flooring Project And Costing

6 sheets of five-ply 1/2-inch domestic Birch or Luan plywood for the flooring (less than $70 dollars)
3 sheets of three-ply 3/4-inch Baltic birch plywood for the trim (less than $100 dollars)
150 square feet of 1/8-inch acoustical foam underlay (under $30 dollars)
Handful of fasteners and  2 1/2-inch gold screws (under $10 dollars)
Wood putty or Filler (Under $10 dollars)

1 gallon of floor-grade polyurethane (under $50 dollars)

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