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Plywood Sheet Sizes

Plywood Sheet Sizes

 Plywood Sizes 8 by 4 (8 x 4)

Plywoood Comes in a variety of sizes.. You may find hardwood and softwood plywood that are sold as 4 feet wide with a common length of a plywood sheet is 8', but you may come across four and twelve feet sheet lengths. The length and width are somewhat understandable, but I found the thickness dimension very puzzling.

Filling Knot Holes in Plywood

In America, 3/4", 1/2" and 1/4" are the most common plywood sizes available. But, a 3/4" plywood size should be labeled (now they have actually started to label it) as 23/32", 1/2" as 15/32" and 1/4" as 7/32". This slight difference becomes an issue during construction work. For example, if a person who is into woodworking, needs to put up 1/2" plywood shelf into the dado cut of the shelf standard, then he will find a noticeable gap making the shelf slightly sloppy in the dado. So, the woodworker will have to cut the dado at 15/32" to make the shelf fit without any sloppiness.

The common varieties of softwood plywood are available in three, five and seven piles. Their length and breath dimensions are 1.2 m x 2.4 m (4 feet x 8 feet). The thickness dimension is 1/8 inch. For roofing you may use plywood sizes available in 3/8 inch. The floor boards are at least 5/8 inch in size, depending on the floor joists distance.

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