Monday, August 19, 2013

Can You Cut Luan With a Utility Knife

Instructions for Cutting Luan Plywood with a Utility Knife

How to Bend Plywood

You should cut luan wood sheet using a handheld saw, by placing the plywood sheet face down, and then using a table saw through the sheet evenly.

Filling Knot Holes in Plywood

Once this has been completed, set the depth on your circular saw, and then there will be less chance of the plywood splintering when you are going through the material. Use a proper support to keep the plywood steady, if you are using a handheld cutting tool. And lay masking tape along the cut line if you have to cut the plywood from the front.

This will protect the veneer and keep it from splintering. If you are using a jigsaw or a reciprocating saw, then apply speed at a ginger rate of around three-quarter speed. Use the cut line as guide for your cut with a utility knife as an alternative to laying masking tape.

Remember to place enough pressure with the knife to break through the surface veneer so it will already be evenly cut when you use the saw to cut through the rest of the sheet.

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