Sunday, June 23, 2013

Using Luan wood under laminate flooring

Using Luan Wood Under Laminate Flooring

Updated June 24, 2013

     When Luan wood is used to install as a subfloor for laminate finishes, you must
 ensure that the Luan wood is secured so that there is no movement at all. Once it has been secured, you will need to put in one other foam underlayment. This will allow the laminate to expand and contract as normal. If your laminate has the backing on it, (which some usually do) then, of course, you won't need it. Some laminate floorings may come pre-installed with the foam backing already attached.

  Luan wood is considered to be one of the better materials to use for your flooring. Or at the very least, it is the most cost-effective.
This is when it comes to dealing with sticky or vinyl (Laminate) flooring products. 
Because it is a higher quality plywood, which is very durable and smooth, it can be used as a subfloor for most laminate finishes. This wood can then have very little warping capabilities, which may intend to happen under most vinyl or laminate flooring. 

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