Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CNC Hobby Construction

How do you use a CNC Machine to cut your Luan Plywood or MDF Plywood Materials?

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Well it's a bit more complex than you might think as it involves a little bit of knowledge of engineering software, that you may have been introduced to in your first few years of college or trade school. Basically you need CAD Software, like Autodesk, or Solidworks, which is basically a kind of Computer Assisted Design program that you will use to run the CNC Machine which will make the cuts in the plywood (Luan) or otherwise.

When you use a desk top CNC router to make your final products, it will come with some verision of CAD software so that you can draw and make the cuts you desire. Then after this has been completed you will need some sort of program to path your machine. After this is complete you need to select that the type of cutters you wish to use on the machine. Once all this has been completed, you can select and secure the wood piece and install the bit and begin to route the wood.

The cutting will happen automatically, then the standard router bit will use it's special adapters and will precicely cut the materials. Futher instructions can be found in the machines operationing manual.

CNC machines cut in three or four multi-directions. They cut up and down and left and right, there are a number of precise bits that you can use as well as computer programs. Make sure the machine you are using is capable of fufilling the order you place.

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