Saturday, July 27, 2013

Can You Stain Luan Plywood?

Can You stain Luan Plywood? Yes you certainly can stain Luan Plywood to give it a more finished appearance. How do you do this you ask? Well here is a quick guide for you:

Staining Luan Plywood

 When Staining Luan Plywood your first step should include taking a look at the surface of the plywood for any scratches or defects.

When applying the wood putty to fill unsightly scratches or gouges or voids in the plywood edges. Let putty material set and then follow application using to manufacturer's directions.

Smooth the surface of the plywood, and sand if necessary to complete the polished look of the material.

When this has been completed, your next step should be to wipe any residual stain off your plywood so that the finish is even. Then wipe parallel to the grain to ensure a nice look. It will also help to stop any streaking from appearing on the wood. Allow the plywood to dry. Then go to the next step.

If there is any unevenness, apply another coat, and then sealer of lacquer or finish to give it a quality and professional look.

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