Saturday, July 27, 2013

Should I use Adhesive Under Luan Flooring for Laminate Flooring

Using Adhesives with Plywood Flooring for Laminate or Hardwood

Should I use adhesive for my luan flooring projects? I get that question a lot and I guess there is no correct answer but in terms of getting the most secure fit and hold, I would recommend doing a combination of the two, adhesive and nailing or screwing the luan into place. At least from the information I have learned online, seems to be the best route to go.
Some people will not be satisfied with merely nailing Luan plywood boards to hardwoods, such as Maple and Oak. So in this case it may be better to consider gluing your project as well as just using nails, or screws on the project.

Using Adhesives to Glue Down Plywood Flooring for Hardwood or Laminate Flooring


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