Saturday, July 27, 2013

Luan as Flooring

Using Luan as Finished Hardwood Flooring.

Can you use Luan Plywood as Finished Home Flooring?

This would be an interesting approach to flooring. It is used in trailers and various other utilities, but not homes. If cost is an issue you can look into cheaper priced laminate or even some unfinished hardwood flooring (such as a #1 common red oak).

If you do use Luan Plywood as Flooring, here are some quick steps to follow

Should you choose to go this route, you will want to seal the top of the luan (stain if you choose to stain), then finish with a good finish.

Make sure to buff each layer to ensure the finish adheres properly. Use a higher grit sand paper (at least 200 grit, upwards of about 350-400 grit) and ensure to buff lightly and evenly with a polisher. When spreading the layer of finish, do not spread it too thick.

Rule of thumb is to spread many thin layers rather than few thick layers, this will give a stronger and better looking finish.

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