Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How To Bend Luan Wood (Plywood)

How To Bend Luan Wood (Plywood)

1) Get the wood damp with wet towels and then form it and attach it to the top;

2) using a table saw, cut 1/8" parallel cust in the "down" side of the luan, which should let it flex.  Then you can make cuts 1/2" apart

Attaching Luan Plywood to Concrete or Subflooring

In the building trades, luan is a very lightweight plywood composed of multiple thin layers of luan, a tree native to Southeast Asia. These thin veneers are compressed into a solid, lightweight piece. Luan is easy to install, economical and is appropriate for use as an underlayment for a variety of flooring types, from carpet to resilient flooring. Resilient flooring is any hard surface floor, such as hardwood, tile or linoleum. Once luan is attached to a concrete subfloor, homeowners can install carpet or resilient flooring above it. Luan levels the floors and makes a sheer surface on which to adhere surface floors

How to Bend Plywood

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