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Gluing Down Luan To the Subfloor

Gluing Down Luan To the Subfloor
Sweep up any dirt or debris from the surface of the concrete. Mop the floor with a pH-neutral cleanser and warm water. Rinse away any cleanser residue with clean water, then wait for the floor to dry.
Check the floor to make sure it's level using a leveling bar. Place the flat of the metal bar against the floor and then drag the bar across the surface. Watch as the bar moves over the floor for any low points or rises in the concrete beneath. Mark these areas with a piece of chalk for leveling.

How to Bend Plywood


Level the floor by reducing the high marks with a concrete grinder and filling the low spots with leveling compound. Use a concrete grinder to go over the high spots in a circular motion until they're level with the rest of the floor. Sweep up the grinding residue before filling the low areas with the leveling compound. Pour the leveling compound into the dips in the concrete until the dips are level with the surrounding floor. Spread the compound to fill the dips with a squeegee, then allow it to dry overnight.

When it comes to finishing luan plywood board, the best option is usually a dark stain and several coats of polyurethane clear finish will bring luan plywood to a high luster. The best way to apply the stain is to have it brushed in or alternatively you can roll it in and then allow for the finish to dry and then use a polyurethane coating. Polyurethane can be brushed or rolled, onto the luan wood board, and once, finished and let to dry, you have the option for applying more coats as needed. Use the manufactuers guidelines with respect to applying additional coats of polyurethane.

Attaching Luan Plywood to Concrete or Subflooring

In the building trades, luan is a very lightweight plywood composed of multiple thin layers of luan, a tree native to Southeast Asia. These thin veneers are compressed into a solid, lightweight piece. Luan is easy to install, economical and is appropriate for use as an underlayment for a variety of flooring types, from carpet to resilient flooring. Resilient flooring is any hard surface floor, such as hardwood, tile or linoleum. Once luan is attached to a concrete subfloor, homeowners can install carpet or resilient flooring above it. Luan levels the floors and makes a sheer surface on which to adhere surface floors

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