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Luan Plywood Pricing at Lowes Home Improvement

How to Purchase Plywood Grades From a Big Box Retailer :

Choosing the Right Type of Plywood From Lowe's:

Don't pick up just any plywood board for underlayment off at The Home Depot or Lowe's. Because plywood underlayment comes in various grades and strengths, you need to buy the right kind of luan plywood for underlayment project which you have planned. Here are a few tips that might come in handy when you are picking up the plywood underlayment:

•Resilient (Vinyl) Flooring: Using an 1/4" exterior grade AC plywood. Make sure that the smooth face of the plywood is up when you install for floor coverings.

•Wood Flooring: 1/4" to 1/2" exterior grade plywood. You do not need to choose the AC grade plywood here, since smoothness is not a prime concern with wood flooring. Even a rougher finished plywood, like  CD plywood will assist you in getting the project done.

•Ceramic Tile: When making this selection my recommendation would be to choose a plywood underlayment for ceramic tile rather than cementboard or fibercement board then use 1/2" AC exterior grade plywood. AC plywood means that one side is graded as "A" , which means smooth and sanded plywood. Which the other side is graded "C", which means rough as well as exhibiting knots as wide as 1 1/2"inchs. Since the inferior "C" side is facing downward,

  • Model #: 180449
    • All hardwoods come from plantations and sustainable sources
    • Does not contain tropical hardwoods
    • 100% uniform, light-red color from sheet to she
    • et with a sanded face and back for a smooth

    Ideal for interior and exterior projects when properly finished

  • Smooth sanded surface is ready to use
  • Excellent appearance when painted

  • 1/4 x 4 x 8 Hardwood Underlayment Plywood

  • Model #: 80246         

    • Lifetime warranty
    • No core voids
    • 1-piece construction; will not delaminate
    Vinyl Industry Approved –Plywood subflooring which has been qualified as suitable for these different types of Vinyl Products, such as IVC, US, Mannington, as well as Tarkett for use with their Vinyl Adhesive flooring.   Plywood subflooring and underlayment should use an industry approved adhesive material to maintain it's water durability when used in conjunction with Vinyl Flooring.

    The front as well as the back of the plywood veneers which will be used for the flooring, can be made of luan, birch or and will be finished to a smooth and refined surface which will allow the material to be easy to work with. The plywood should have a smooth solid core which will make it easy to work with it as well.

    TCNA Tested Plywood - This classification is received from the ATSM for the ability of the plywood subfloor or underlayment to be used with ceramic tile installations.

    A solid uniform core for the plywood veneers allows the users to have better durability as well as better craftsmanship from the plywood underlayment.

    State of the Art Five Point Inspection which is done to ensure that the plywood veneers do not de-laminate when being worked with on the job, as well there is no bleed through.

    You can purchase premium plywood products at Lowe's which have warranty's against bleed-through, as well as de-lamination, holes, bores and discoloration.

    Working with Concrete Sub-Floors and Luan Underlayment 

    Dusty concrete slabs may be primed with one coat of S-185 Primer. Sweep
    or vacuum the concrete and apply the S-185 with a 3/8″ nap paint roller.

    You may also prime concrete subfloors with the recommended flooring
    adhesive before installing luan plywood. After sweeping/vacuuming,
    apply the adhesive using a smooth-edge trowel, then apply plywood over concrete.

    When using adhesive as a primer, allow the adhesive to dry completely before
    installing luan plywood.

    After drying, install the flooring in accordance with the recommended installation system. NOTE:
    A dusty concrete floor on-grade or below-grade may be a sign of alkali salts.
    A rough concrete floor can be ground smooth with a commercial
    diamond or carbide-equipped grinding machine. If the concrete subfloor
    is extremely rough or uneven, it may be too great a job to smooth this
    way. In this case, apply a cementitious underlayment such as S-183, S-184
    or S-194. A smooth, flat, uniform surface is necessary as a good base for
    resilient flooring.

    How to Purchase Plywood Grades From a Big Box Retailer :

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