Monday, May 6, 2013

What is Anigre Veneer?

What is Anigre Veneer?

If you're looking for a higher end plywood board material or exotic veneer, look no further than Anigre Veneer. Anigre Veneer is actually an African Hardwood, and it is usually used for higher end interior furniture design, as well as the upper end millworking projects, such as Home Entertertainment and Luxury Design. It comes in board form for those that wish to apply it to prjects such as marine use, or construction and carpentry.

Using Wood Glue on Luan Plywood

Drywall Screws used to attach Luan Plywood should be used with wood glue to improve effectiveness. What you should do is also use some wood glue on the joints to ensure a solid seal. When using wood glue, and use it properly screws in luan plywood will have a stronger grip than just using the wood screws on their own. If you are doing a project near a water hazard, or a project that will be getting wet a lot, then you will want to use a wood glue with a tight bond 3 rating. If it will not be in contact with a lot of water any wood glue will do.

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