Monday, May 6, 2013

8mm Plywood Luan - Installing Subfloor

8mm Plywood Luan Installing Subfloor for Vinyl

Many Times people have asked me how best to install luan plywood under vinyl Floor as a subflooring material. Here is a quick rundown of steps you can follow for best results:
Step 1.
First clean the subfloor which will be covered with the luan, and ensure that any dirt or residue has been cleaned and any splinters have been removed. Once this step has been completed, determine the amount of luan wood which will be required to cover the floor. Luan plywood as a rule comes in sheets which measure 4 X 8 feet.
Start your work from the corner of the space you intend to cover, and apply adhesive stick on the floors as you place the luan wood. The adheasive will help maintain a smooth surface once your topfloor has been laid.
Step 2
Begin to set the luan plywood into place, leaving a space of 1/8 inch around the edge by the walls. Use screws or staples with a gun, to fasten the luan wood into place. Place staples or screws at every 6 inches around the outside of the sheet, and every 8 inches inside the sheet.
Offset the seams of the plywood board (luan) as you lay the material, this will ensure all the corners of the wood do not line up, and this will make your work appear seamless. Make sure the connections are random and they don't line up with the connectors in the subflooring.

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