Saturday, May 25, 2013

Luan Under Laminate Flooring

Luan Under Laminate Flooring

1. When you install luan as a subfloor for laminate, ensure that the luan has been secured so there is no movement. Once this step has been completed, you'll need a foam underlayment. This will allow for the laminate to expand and contract as normal. If your laminate has the backing on it, ( some do) then of course you don t need it, as some laminate may come pre-installed with the foam backing already attached.

Luan Wood Video Series
Bending Luan Wood Video
Installing Luan Wood Video
Cutting and Installing Vinyl Over Luan
Installing Luan Over Subfloor
Laying laminate over Subfloor
Making Tile Flush With Subfloor
Attaching Luan To Subfloor
Working With Luan For Do It Yourselfers

Luan is one of the better materials (or at the very least most cost-effective) when it comes to dealing with sticky or vinyl (Laminate) flooring products. Because it's a higher quality plywood which is durable and smooth, it can be used as a subfloor for laminate finishes and then have very little warping under the vinyl or laminate flooring which you intend to lay.

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