Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How Do I Bend Wood ? (Plywood Applications)

How Do I Bend Wood?

1) Get the wood damp with wet towels and then form it and attach it to the top;

2)  Then using a table saw, cut 1/8" parallel cust in the "down" side of the luan, which should let it flex. Then you can make cuts 1/2" apart
3) Choose a piece of plywood that is knot free.
4) Build a form by cutting the profile of the bend in several pieces of MDF (medium density fiberboard) or similar material with a jigsaw. Attach these pieces in a stack until you achieve the necessary thickness for your form.

5) Description of a Steam Box : Here

6) Place the plywood on the supports within steam box.

7) Turn on the heat source for the steam box and steam the plywood for approximately
 1 hour per inch (24 mm) of plywood thickness.

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Why Would You Need to Bend Wood?

Bendable Plywood Applications Bending Luan plywood (Bendy Plywood) can be used in different interior applications and for many types of woodworking projects. Plywoods and Veneers are used for building cabinets and furniture with rounded corners as it can conform to a tight circular shape without splitting or cracking. Bending plywood is very simple and convenient to use as it does not require any special knowledge, experience, or equipment. This plywood can easily be bent to shape without the complex process of steaming the wood in order to bend or keep it into a curved shape.

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