Sunday, April 21, 2013

Luan Panels

Luan Panels

Luan Panels : What are They For?

Luan Panels are used for flooring underlayment, underneath the vinyl or laminate flooring they are placed on the subfloor before you begin to roll out the floor covering. This provides some support for the flooring and gives it a finished look in addition to support. Luan is purchased in panels of plywood of different sizes that make it easy to transport and easy to install. A novice truely has the capacity to do much of the work with some simple instruction. What I have done on this page is list all you need to know about luan panels, and their proper installation.

Have fun with your do it yourself projects! Cheers

Installation Instructions For Luan Wood Panels

Luan Panel : Description 

Luan Door: Installation 

Luan Panelling : Instillation 

8 x 4 Luan Plywood Sheets

Luan Plywood for Subfloor (Pros and Cons)

Luan Underlayment : Best Installation Instructions

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