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Lauan Door - Information

Lauan Door  - Information

When purchasing interior doors, is there something that you should look out for to give you the idea of it's overall value. In looking at the characteristics of a certain type of wood (plywood) that is generally used for interior doors, for the money Lauan Wood Composite Doors are the best. I have arranged on this page a listing of various manufactuers and resellers of Luan Composite Interior Doors which you can purchase for your home as well. The big box stores such as Lowes and Home Depot might be your best bet, but somethings you can find a value if you look hard enough.

Lauan Door Installation : Information

1. Run a Stanley knife along the old door frame on all sides internally and externally
 2. Remove the old door slab from the old door frame
 3. Saw half way down the door frame, and lift away with a crowbar, ensuring you place a packer between the brickwork and crowbar to protect brick
 4. Insert the crowbar into the gap to help pry the frame away from the wall
 5. Carefully remove the whole of the old door frame
 6. Measure the distance between the door opening
 7. Your cill is provided oversize to create a cill horn if required
 8. Measure the distance from the inside of the plasterwork to the outside of the brick
 9. Carefully transpose the measurements onto the cill and remove the unwanted cill area
10. Place the cill on a bed of silicone 11. Ensure the cill is completely LEVEL
 12. Place the spindle and the white plastic spring mechanism on to the door handle
 13. Locate the handle to the outside of the new composite door
 14. Place the white plastic spring mechanism on the spindle in the composite door, before placing on the inside handle 15 Place the inside handle over the spindle and plastic spring and fasten to the composite door with the two screws provided 16. Remove the protective tape from the inside of the new composite door
 17. Carefully offer up the composite door in the door opening
 18. Wedge in packers between the door frame and brickwork until the composite door is stable
 19. Open the composite door in the frame and ensure the door is safely supported in the open position
 20. Ensure the composite door is level on the vertical plane on the hinge
 21. Ensure the composite door is level on the inside plane on the hinge side and adjust accordingly (repeat this on the lock side)
 22. Measure a maximum of 100mm down from the inside of the outer frame and mark where the 1st whole brick is to gain a good fixing. DON’T drill through mortar or half brick
 23. Drill through the frame and the wall on these marks with 6.5mm drill bit (included in optional fixing pack) 24. Screw the frame to the wall with suitable frame fixing screws. (Do NOT over tighten screw
 1. Frame Fixing
 2. Silicone
3. Outer Frame
 4. Frame Packer

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