Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lauan Board

Working With Lauan Board 

Because lauan is a very thin material, it is a probably good to support both sides of it when cutting large sheets with a table or circular saw. When making intricate cuts with a jigsaw or handheld cutting tool, such as for toys or other crafts, there is a danger of splintering off the top veneer layer, which would ruin the look of the piece.

Avoid this problem by first cutting through the topmost veneer layer with a utility knife, then keeping your cutting tool blade right next to this line. You will not avoid some damage to the reverse face veneer, but that side will usually be hidden from view in the final product.

 Cost Effectiveness of Lauan Wood:

 Because cost is a major factor in most home renovation projects, lauan wood is perfect choice if your on a budget or just want to save some money. Keep in mind that if you use lauan Wood, and especially for the underlayment of flooring such as Vinyl or Laminate that it's ability to repel mositure is not the greatest, and this can sometimes cause more problems than it's worth.

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