Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Luan Plywood Ceiling Installation

Luan Plywood Ceiling Installation 

Attaching will be with construction adhesive and nails. Depending on type luan  plywood you can go over studs directly or you may need to go over drywall if its thin like paneling. I saw this done once where the fasteners were incorporated into the design.

When you use black lag bolts with allen wrench sockets. Each panels had finished edges, painted black. Some panels were about 2'x3' if I recall correctly. and had about a 1.5" space between each.  They were shimmed down from a main ceiling by about 1.5".  main ceiling, or sub ceiling if you will, was also painted black.

Consider the panels were a pre-finished mahogany wood. It looked really neat. I considered doing this in my basement. There are also beadboard options, in sheets or boards, that look nice. Bottom line - This can be a real architectural feature or it can be a red flag when you go to sell, depending on how its done. I would personally experiment with different styles and see what suits you best.

If you just want to take up luan plywood to cover some problem and avoid mudding thing you may be going down a wrong path. If you are doing it for design reasons then go for it and make it nice.

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