Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Best Ring Shank Nail for Plywood (Luan)

Best Ring Shank Nail for Plywood (Luan)

The best ring shank nail for use in wood and plywood substrates including luan plywood, where the barbed rings hold the material firmly. Instructions for use | As you insert the ring shank in to the wood or plywood substrates, the wood will tighten the grip on the barbed rings, preventing the nail from coming loose under stress. Here are a few examples of Ring Shanks for Plywood

What is a Nail Shank? 

The shaft of the nail is the shank of the nail which includes ,the length between the head and the point. The shank supports most of the holding power of the nail. The contours of a nail’s shank will depend on the purpose of the nail.

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