Thursday, September 5, 2013

Filling Cracks and Screw Holes in Marine Plywood

Filling Cracks and Screw Holes in Marine Plywood

When looking for a ready to use latex based product to fill cracks in your marine plywood project there are a number of choices that you have in terms of filler. When you use a patch to fasten or fill knot holes in your plywood subfloor, it will assist it giving the floor a more level appearance.

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The great news is that you can also use patch to fill the gaps in your concrete floor as well. Patch is great for filling and levelling surfaces before you install carpet or vinyl flooring over subfloor. You can even use patch on subflooring for tile or ceramic.

What is the Best Patch Knots in Plywood? I've been asking myself this over the past couple of weeks, and I think it's come up on this blog from time to time as well.

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Using Patch on Plywood Installation


1 Cut the luan sheets to fit the area to be covered, taking care to stagger the seams so the luan edges do not end at the same line as the edges of the subfloor that covers the floor joists.

A space of one quarter inch should be left between the luan sheets to allow for expansion.

2 Screw the luan into place, using deck screws placed every six inches on the surface of the luan and taking care to drive the screws slightly below the surface of the luan.

3 Finish the seams and screw heads by filling with floor patch; allow to dry as per the patch manufacturer's instructions.

4 Sand the patched areas until smooth.

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