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Stain Luan

Stain Luan

How to Stain Luan Plywood

When Staining Luan Plywood your frist step should include taking a look at the surface of the plywood for any scratches or defects. When applying the wood putty to fill unsightly scratches or gouges or voids in the plywood edges. Let putty material set and then follow application using to manufacturer's directions. Smooth the surface of the plywood, and sand if neccessary to complete the polished look of the material.

Staining Luan Plywood Video Series

Signboard is a  product that designed for exterior use, it works well inside the home in areas that need to be smooth and hold up well to moisture. This product resists inclement weather areas well. It is often used for exterior signs and sub-board underneath laminates for countertops. It is recommended to apply an exterior grade primer and paint to this product if using in an exterior application. Primer and paint adhere nicely to the paper face. When applied with exterior grade primer and paint, this product holds up much better than regular plywood  Read More 

MDF Plywood Veneer : Informational (Luan)

What is MDF Plywood Veneer? Well I'll give you a some background of it's background here. MDF Plywood Veneer is actually an acronym for Medium Density Fibreboard. It is a specially engineered product which is created when hardwood or softwood is broken down into fibers and then combined with wax in a resin. This then forms panels (plywood) by applying high temperature and pressure. MDF Plywood is actually denser than regular plywood, but can be used in the same applications or those that might call for greater strenght than run of the mill plywood.  Read More

Luan is made from trees of the Shorea family, they are light weight and capable of absorbing moisture like a sponge. If you use Luan backed birch veneer plywood you run the likelihood that the back side will absorb more moisture than the veneered side causing the panels to buckle between adhesive points. Luan veneered plywood does have one quality that makes it viable for some projects and that is it’s appearance, which can mimic other high quality woods, with the proper staining and paiting. 

How to Bend Plywood

Luan Wood Video Series
Bending Luan Wood Video
Installing Luan Wood Video
Cutting and Installing Vinyl Over Luan
Installing Luan Over Subfloor
Laying laminate over Subfloor
Making Tile Flush With Subfloor
Attaching Luan To Subfloor
Working With Luan For Do It Yourselfers

When this has been completed, your next step should be to wipe any residual stain off your plywood so that the finish is even. Then wipe parallel to the grain to ensure a nice look. It will also help to stop any streaking from appearing on the wood. Allow the plywood to dry. Then go to the next step.

If there is any uneveness, apply another coat, and then sealer of lacquer or finish to give it a quality and professional look.

Using Luan Plywood as Finished Flooring

This would be an interesting approach to flooring. It used it trailers and various other utilities, but not homes. If cost is an issue you can look into cheaper priced laminate or even some unfinished hardwood flooring (such as a #1 common red oak).

Should you choose to go this route, you will want to seal the top of the luan (stain if you choose to stain), then finish with a good finish.

Make sure to buff each layer to ensure the finish adheres properly. Use a higher grit sand paper (at least 200 grit, upwards of about 350-400 grit) and ensure to buff lightly and evenly with a polisher. When spreading the layer of finish, do not spread it too thick. Rule of thumb is to spread many thin layers rather than few thick layers, this will give a stronger and better looking finish.

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