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Making and Even Plywood Subfloor

Making and Even Plywood Subfloor

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Luan is usually manufactured in 4-by-8-foot sheets, luan plywood panels are acceptable subfloors for hardwood flooring as long as they are the proper thickness. 

You should remember that for mechanically fastened floors, well as plywood, so you need to use a thicker material to get the same holding power. Generally, the minimum thickness for luan plywood is 1/8 inch sometimes 1/4 of an inch.

 However, as joist spacing increases, the subfloors need to be thicker. For joist spacing of more than 16 inches up to 19.2 inches on center, the minimum thickness for both plywood is 3/4 inch. For joists spaced more than 19.2 inches on center, the minimum thickness for luan plywood is 7/8 inch.

Have you list before installation: Once you get  the subfloor into the proper thickness, check that the subfloor is installed properly, with no issues that could affect your installation. Subfloor panels and fasteners should be properly placed according the panel manufacturer's specifications. 

If there are protruding fasteners, squeaks or loose panels, refasten the subfloor to the joists. The subfloor should also be clean and free of contaminants such as paint, sealer or drywall compound. 

Check around  the subfloor from below and note the direction of the joists. With the above notes, the flooring should be installed perpendicular to the floor joists. 

The subflooring can be laid parallel to floor joists, but you may need to add a 1/2-inch layer of plywood diagonally or perpendicularly to the joists, or install a brace between the joists. 

Make Sure your subfloor is even : Ensure the subfloor is even  to the recommended strength for the flooring you are installing. For installations using mechanical fasteners 1 1/2 inches and longer, subfloors should be within 1/4 inch in 10 feet or 3/16 inch in 6 feet. 

 Installations and those using mechanical fasteners on the luan plywood less than 1 1/2 inches, the subfloor should be within 3/16 inch in 10 feet or 1/8 in 6 feet. The subfloor can be flattened by sanding down the high areas or by installing shims such as roofing shingles or various thicknesses of plywood. 

 Moisture: Another critical part of the subfloor inspection process is checking the moisture content (MC) of the subfloor and joists. Luan Plywood is not especially well suited to moisture exposure 

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