Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Luan Alternative

Is there an Alternative to Luan Plywood

As We know Luan Plywood is a tropical and exotic material from the warmer climates of the earth. And there has been some talk about the material at times being cheap and flimsy. So the question will be asked from time to time, is there a practial atlternative to using this material for your subfloor or other do-it-yourself home projects.

Funny enough today I was surfing the web and I found a material called TigerPLY. And as it states on it's website which you will find here it has some amazing qualities and can certainlly put the traditionally made plywood boards to the test.

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Making Tile Flush With Subfloor
Attaching Luan To Subfloor
Working With Luan For Do It Yourselfers

TigerPLY - Defined

TigerPLY is engineered plywood made with hardwood veneers harvested from environmentally friendly and sustainable plantations.

Plywood is often referred to as the “original” engineered wood product, first patented in the 1860s and brought into large scale production in the Pacific Northwest in the early 1900s. It is made from thin sheets of wood veneer, called plies, stacked together in layers, with the direction of each layer’s grain differing from its neighbor by 90° (cross-banding). These plies are bonded under heat and pressure with strong adhesives, making a composite building material with a high degree of structural strength and resistant to cracking, shrinkage, twisting and warping

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