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Does Luan Subfloor Get Staggered

Does Luan Subfloor Get Staggered

Here is a quick rule regarding the staggering of your luan wood subfloor. - Try it out and see if it helps with your renovation or do it yourself projects: Since your floor didn't mention spacing, here is the golden rule. No end joints closer together then the width of the plank. Some spec 6 inches, some spec 8" and some spec 10 "  Some also say not to use a plank less then so many inches long on the ends. I just glue them together if they are small cuts.

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Start in the corner corner that is as square as possible and  then lay your first board. Use grab adhesive for extra rigidity. Use ring-shank nails every 6 inches around the edges of the board. Nails should go into floorboards but not through them. Use this as an alternative to staples Continue to Stagger the  nails every 6 inches in a grid across the center of the board, as well as around the edges, to keep the subfloor level and firm. This is the best method to use when you install the luan plywood into the subfloor.  Continue to install the luan plywood boards. If boards need cutting to fit, use a panel saw for straight cuts, and a jigsaw for templated cuts.

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