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Can Luan Wood be Used For Kitchen Cabinets

Can Luan Wood be Used For Kitchen Cabinets  ?

How to Bend Plywood

Luan plywood is considered an inferior material when building kitchen cabinets, as it is not strong enough to withstand the day in day out usage that will occur in this role. Most cabinets should be made with 1/2″ sides, top and bottom material and 1/4″ material on the back, using a maple plywood material instead of a luan material..

Filling Knot Holes in Plywood

The maple plywood material used is normally a melamine laminated particleboard. Construction is critical to the overall strength and longevity of the cabinet. Therefore, we use a 3/4″ plain, sliced maple plywood on the sides, back, top, and bottom. This will give you far more value for your cabinets than using luan wood.

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Luan Plywood vs Maple Plywood For Cabinet Shelving.

Using Maple Plywood instead of Luan Plywood will insure that the cabinet will withstand any weight or strain applied to it. Also, the 3/4″ rear wall construction allows the installer to apply his screws anywhere on the rear wall of the cabinet which makes the installation easier. It may be harder to build cabinets this way, but there is no comparison if you want longevity. The interior should have a double coating of varnish to protect the wood and eliminate any paper liner.

Luan Plywood For Cabinet  Shelving, Not Recommended. 

 Shelves should be adjustable and made of a solid 3/4″ finished hardwood. Not luan particleboard or melamine veneers Shelving is often overlooked when purchasing cabinets, but consider this: The shelf is what will be holding everything you put in the cabinets. If the shelf is particleboard or luan plywood, or if it is 1/2″ or 5/8″ thick, it won’t hold up to the strain of a heavy load of dishes, groceries. Shelves should be a solid 3/4″ hardwood, fully adjustable and should have a double-coated finish making shelf paper unnecessary.

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