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Different Wood Names (Luan)

Different Wood Names (Luan)

Different Names Wood Names

What are some different names for wood? Well it depends on what type of wood you are talking about, as there are many varieties of wood. When it comes to plywood there are different grades and uses of woods depending on the specific application you may be working with or constructing. There are some of the well known names of different wood products that you might find usesful when working on some home projects and renovations in the future.

Luan Wood is a tropical Maghogany Wood Name. It is used as underlayment for flooring and interior design projects.

Mahogany Tropical Woods - Wood Name

Mahogany is tropical type of wood product name and many different kinds of tropical hardwood, most of which are reddish-brown wood that is widely used in furniture-making, boat building, and other high specification uses. However, there are only three species of "genuine mahogany", all indigenous to the Americas

West Indies Mahogany  - Wood Name

Swietenia macrophylla  - Wood Name

Sizes of Tropical Woods and Plywoods  - Wood Name

Plywood of a select size of between 1/8 inchs and 1/4 inches of a tropical variety is usually referred to as Luan Plywood. It is in general used for underlayment over subflooring for different finished flooring looks including Laminate, Vinyl, Tile, Carpet, and Hardwood.

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