Thursday, April 25, 2013

What Is Luan Type 1 Plywood ?

What is Luan Type 1 Plywood

Luan Type 1 plywood is a heavier grade plywood and it's made of plywood sourced out of Brazil and South America Usually, and also Indoenesia, Type 1 graded luan material is usually the only type accepted by most sheet vinyl manufacturers as an appropriate sheet vinyl subfloor.

How Do You Attach Type 1 Luan Plywood to Concrete or Subfloor:

Attaching Luan to Concrete Floors, is possible if you first overlay the concrete with a think material such as plywood, then use the Laun Material overtop of that. You should use fasteners to attach the thicker plywood pieces to the floor. The best option when using fasteners is to use nails or cememt nails. If you're using the nails made of cement you must first make sure that all the heads of the nails are covered in a putty or smooth finish. The reason for this is that the nail's hard top surface over time will destroy the the laun board material.

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