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Laying Vinyl Flooring Over Lauan Board

Laying Vinyl Flooring Over Lauan Board

When laying lauan board underlayment, you need to first make sure the existing subfloor is securely attached to the floor joists. To do this means driving 3 inch or 4 inch deck screws every 6 inches  through the subfloor into the connecting joits. Once this has been completed the underlayment will have to be screwed down, do not nail it into in a grid pattern, just uses nails all over the face of the underlayment, with screws placed every 6 inches or 8 inches apart.

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An Alternative to Lauan Board Flooring

Another material that you can use as an alternative to lauan boarding would be any of the backerboards that are available. In the past people  have laid vinyl tiles onto cement board in a bathroom, and even though the tiles were self-stick when first primed the board and then applied a thinset vinyl tile adhesive, and laid the tiles adhesive side into the adhesive on the floor.

Problems to Look out for with Lauan Board

You can expect problems if you use luan plywood as an underlayment.   If you have to use plywood as an underlayment use no less than 1/2" exterior plywood and laminate the plywood to the subfloor with waterproof wood glue and a few pounds of deck screw

Is Luan The Best For Floors?

Surprisingly, luan plywood can be used as flooring, when fully installed, and cut into planks or cut into square pieces. However the sheets should be glued down, with floor tape adhesive or glue, and then nailed throughout, or if you prefer, for appearance, you can just use the adhesive glue without nailing the flooring into place. You can screw the heads to make a tigher fit, however some believe this may make for a more unsightly project when the fasteners appear through the finished floor.

Luan, can be installed over solid, or smooth subfloors, like wood, or plywood, or concrete. Since luan is not very heavy, it can be used as flooring even though by most it is considered a temporary flooring option. It has been used on many do-it-yourself projects, which showcase this material as a great flooring option, however even though it has a nice appearance, it's durability is not that great.

Attaching Luan Plywood to Concrete or Subflooring

In the building trades, luan is a very lightweight plywood composed of multiple thin layers of luan, a tree native to Southeast Asia. These thin veneers are compressed into a solid, lightweight piece. Luan is easy to install, economical and is appropriate for use as an underlayment for a variety of flooring types, from carpet to resilient flooring. Resilient flooring is any hard surface floor, such as hardwood, tile or linoleum. Once luan is attached to a concrete subfloor, homeowners can install carpet or resilient flooring above it. Luan levels the floors and makes a sheer surface on which to adhere surface floors

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