Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Using Plywood Underlayment For Home Projects

What is Plywood Underlayment?

Plywopod Underlayment is a material you place underneath the vinyl or laminate flooring, to give your finished flooring a smooth and even look. When Plywood Underlayment is placed on the subfloor before you begin to roll out the vinyl or laminate floor covering. This provides some support for the flooring and gives it a finished look to the floor, in addition to support.

Plywood Underlayment is purchased in panels of Plywood with different sizes that make it easy to transport and easy to install. A beginner DIY has the true capacity to do alot of the work with some simple instruction.

Is Plywood A Good Choice For Underlayment?

  Plywood is a plentiful and widely stocked material and is available from many home improvement stores including Lowes and Home Depot. By this I mean that plywood underlayment panels when placed at perpendicularly-aligned layers make this product highly resistant to changes in humidity, water moisture and even limited direct contact with water. While plywood underlayment is not water-resistanct as it will eventually delaminate under prolonged contact with water, it is considered to be resistant to limited water contact.

Should Plywood Underlayment Be Considered the Subfloor?

Plywood underlayment actually rest on top of the subfloor, and is not considered the subfloor itself. The subfloor can be either the concrete base of the floor, or the plywood panels that were installed on joists when the home was constructed. The Plywood panels that we install for the vinyl or laminate flooring are installed on top of this subfloor and will give the vinyl or laminate floor coverings a smooth and depression free look when they are completely installed.

Here is a quick video which will take you through the process of installing plywood underlayment for your home renovation project be it for laminate or for vinyl floor coverings.

See the attached link for the video:

What other Types of Underlayment can be used besides Plywood?

Other than Plywood, other types of underlayment which you might consider for you home improvement project are:

Cementboard - This is usually used for tile. Tilework requires a lot of water, and this water may compromise plywood's strength. Cementboard works well for tile. Wonderboard is one brand name of cementboard.

Fiber Cement Board - Is a slick and smooth type of cement board. USG's Fiberock® brand Aqua-Tough is another example.

OSB - Orient-strand board is a  single-layer hybrid wood material which is also  used as underlayment in some projects although plywood usually i the preferred choice. OSB stands up well against moisture.


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