Saturday, August 17, 2013

Stop Curling of Plywood Subfloor (Warping)

How to Stop Curling or Warping of the Plywood Subfloor.

You should use nail/screws along with adhesive glue to ensure that your plywood stays in place after installation. It's a pretty simple trick but it works to prevent it from coming out of place and warping. 

You don't need to pad between the sufloor and the plywood. Use glue and then use screws at the corners. You can also use glue alone with no screws, however that might result in some curling of the plywood flooring, and of course you don't want that. 

For the screws, you can spend a little bit of money, and get something different. You can use flat face screws, with 2 dimples. They are called tamper resistant screws, to be honest, I don't think the wood species matters. Just make sure that you buy quality materials. Cost cannot be beat, and you can throw down a mat or carpeting in high traffic areas, for example outside the kitchen or hallways

Using Luan Plywood as Flooring 

If you are looking at an inexpesive way to do flooring, you can use Luan Subflooring, as Finished Flooring. The trick here is to cut the plywood sheets into tiles, about 4x4. You can also do it in 2x2' or 2x4'. This way it doesn't look like you just cheaped out and painted the sufloor. 

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