Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gluing Hardwood to Plywood : Luan

Gluing Hardwood to Plywood :Luan Wood

When should you consider gluing as well as nailing luan plywood to solid hardwood materials? Some people will not be satisfied with merely nailing luan  plywood boards to hardwoods such as Maple and Oak, so in this case it may be good to consider looking at gluing your project in addition to just using nails, or screws on the project.

If the project were of a specific and small area and could be secured with just nails alone that is not a problem, but if you want to reinforce with glue and screws you'll likely have a more secure connection between plywood boards and a solid hardwood base. A Few small glue blocks which should be aplied to the underside of the woodblock and then along the front and sides of the plywood should give you a pretty solid hold. Then you can use glue and miter the joint to additionlly secure the connection.

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How do You Bend Wood Without Stem?

Set the depth of the saw so that you don't cut through the wood all the way. Leave a 1/8 to 1/16 of wood at the bottom, so you don't go all the way through.

Then, mark the wood, and cut in to your desired points along the wood panelling. Again do not cut the wood all the way, otherwise you'll break or cut through the wood. you just want to cut enough to make the board flexible.

Next step is to make Curving shape from a piece of wood. This will act as a jig for bending the work piece, so the curve must be as deep as you want the curve in the work piece to be. Save the piece of the wood that you make the cut out for.

Position the wood that you have made the incisions in to make flexible in the jib and then clamp together and allow to sit overnight. Wood will be shaped as you desire when you return.

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