Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Installing Luan Plywood

Installing Luan Plywood

The best way to install luan wood (plywood) is to begin the project in one corner of the room, and then lay out the laun wood, in a single direction, the same way that any subfloor materials have been laid. You should leave a gap of about 1/16th of an inch between the walls and the plywood panels.

Then use a staple gun, or screws to insert 1/4 inch staples at a half foot apart across the surface of the luan wood, and then every couple of inchs apart along the edge of the project. Install more laun panels in a similar way, and then leave about 1/16 inch of a gap between the boards.

  Some other Information That You Might Find Useful :

Use a guide to demark, the back of the plywood. Cut the luan plywood with a saw from the back, this will prevent splintering of the finished side of the board. You can also use a knife to make precise cuts into the Luan wood. Make several cuts with mid-pressure in the same groove rather than making a hard cut. Use a putty or mix, to smooth over any nails, and ensure they are flush to make sure that any laminate or plastic adhesive floor covering does not show the subfloor beneath.

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